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Deluxe Mascot Package

Deluxe Mascot
Unique one of a kind mascot with all the extras.
Deluxe Mascot Design, not pre-made. Designed to your unique specifications. We can provide a free design and quote, or copy your design. We work one on one with you to get the perfect look.
Deluxe Mascot Package comes with : Head, body, gloves, and mascot feet. Fan system, ice vest, and carry bag.
Discounts available for schools and non profit. Multiple pricing discount. Deluxe furs and fabrics.

Our experienced art department works one on one with you to get the exact look for your new mascot. Once the mascot has been ordered, you will receive photos of the mascot as he is being built, so you can follow along. Your design will never be used again for any other client. Only deluxe furs and fabrics are used for durability, texture and look. We can take your artwork and bring it to life, or design something for you at no extra charge.
Some artwork the client provides will have to be changed to fit a real person.

That’s where the one on one communication comes into effect. We always consult with you on every step of this process. We answer all calls and emails within 24 hours most times even quicker. Accessories such as Carry bag with wheels, Fan systems that is installed in the head and runs on 4 AA batteries, an Ice vests are included in this package. You can add muscles to this mascot as well should the design require them at no hidden or extra cost. Crest work and embroidery also provided in this package. We make the mascot as user friendly as possible and pay special attention to vision lines, comfort and easy care.

Fan system - Give the best comfort and air flow for the performer. Most bodies are machine washable at home. Discounts for schools, non-profit and multiple mascot orders. Feet are all made of special rubber waffle tread that will not leave dark marks on gym floors. Your mascot can be warn inside or outside in all weather conditions. The benefit of going Deluxe package is the one price. There are no hidden or added prices for any mascot part.

Mascots are the perfect way to create identity branding for any company or corporation. If you need ideas on using your mascot to enhance company visibility, let us know, we can help.

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Deluxe Mascot Package - Performer Friendly Mascots