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Standard Mascot Package

Standard Mascot
Includes: Standard head, slim body, gloves, spats (spats are fabric covers that go over your shoes) limited designs, limited furs.

Optional items available on all packages:
Fan system  that runs on 8 AA batteries - Comes with Deluxe Mascot
Ice vest with 4 gel packs - Comes with Deluxe Mascot
Carry bag - Comes with package Clothing for your mascot, although most mascots will fit size XXL clothing you can purchase at any store.
Logo cresting: Price will vary on size, colors and quantity (not done in house).

Accessories such as Carry bag with wheels, Fan systems that is installed in the head and runs on 4 AA batteries, and ice vests available for an additional fee. Crest work and embroidery available for an additional fee.  We make the mascot as user friendly as possible and pay special attention to vision lines, comfort and easy care. We can also install a fan system to give the best comfort and air flow for the performer. 

All bodies and gloves are machine washable at home. Comes with a one year warranty.
Thank you for your interest in Performer Friendly Mascots and our Costume Character Design Services.

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Performer Friendly Mascots - Standard Mascot Package