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Unibody Mascot Package

Unibody Mascot
Custom design, not pre made. Designed to your specifications. We can provide a free design and quote, or copy your design. We work one on one with you to get the perfect look.
We can also provide a free design and quote, or copy your design. We work one on one with you to achieve the perfect mascot look.
Package includes: Unibody, sleeve unit, pants, gloves and mascot feet.
Discounts available for schools and non profit. Multiple pricing discount. Deluxe furs and fabrics.

Our professional art department works one on one with you to get the exact look for your mascot. Once the mascot has been ordered, you will get photos of the mascot as he is being built so you can follow along. The design will never be used again for any other client. Only deluxe furs and fabrics are used for durability, texture and look. We can take your artwork and bring it to life or gladly design something for you at no extra charge. Some of the artwork the client provides might have to be changed in order to fit a real person. That’s where the one on one communication comes into effect. We will always consult with you on every step of the design process. We answer all phone calls and emails within 24 hours, most times even sooner. 

Think how many times you watched a mascot go by and stop to take pictures of it with the kids or shook the mascots' hand. Mascots are the perfect way to create identity branding for any company or corporation. A well designed mascot will go a long way to creating a global image that is memorable on a personal or business level.
If you need ideas on using your mascot to enhance company visibility, let us know, we can help.

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Unibody Mascot Package - Performer Friendly Mascots